Invitation for ISBER 2019


The ISBER 2019 conference, sponsored by ISBER and organized by Biobank Branch, China Medicinal Biotechnology Association, is going to be held from May 7 to 10, 2019 at the Shanghai International Convention Center in Shanghai, China. ISBER is an international organization that addresses the technical, legal, ethical, and managerial issues relevant to repositories of biological and environmental specimens. Its mission is to create opportunities for sharing ideas and innovations in biobank and harmonizes approaches to evolving challenges for biological and environmental repositories.

ISBER fosters collaboration, creates education and training opportunities, provides an international showcase for state-of-the-art policies, processes, and research findings, and innovative technologies, products, and services. Together, these activities promote the application of the best Biobank practice.  

Haier Biomedical has built BIMS biobank solution, based on the core technology of ULT freezer, by integrating global expert resources since 2010, with many demonstration applications such as the CDMP, CNGB, and the National Protein Bank also have been built. In 2015, Haier Biomedical was elected as the member of the National Biobank Standardization Technical Committee. In March 2019, the ecological IoT Biobank Solution was released, which combines core products such as frequency conversion ULT freezer, Biobank series liquid nitrogen container, and automated walk-in cold room.

At the meeting, with the introduction of IoT Biobank Solution, Haier Biomedical will discuss with top experts in the industry about the establishment and application of Biobank.

We are sincerely welcomed for your visit and guidance。


Time:May 7 to 10, 2019

Venue:Shanghai International Convention Center 

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