BIMS Biological Sample Laboratory Solutions

BIMS Biological Sample Laboratory Solutions

Biobank is a biological application system to provide centralized storage of human biological materials for purposes of clinical therapy of diseases and research in the life science field. It collects, processes, stores, and manages biological samples such as organs, tissues, cells, blood, body fluid, secretions, excretions and their biological macromolecules derivative vitro, as well as the information regarding the clinical treatment and subsequent follow-ups for donators of biological samples.

Our biobank solutions consist of our BIMS software management system, our cryopreservation devices and related services, which provide our end-users with one-stop solutions covering the whole process of preparatorystage design, complete set of laboratory equipment and consumables, sample information management and ryopreservation monitoring. At the beginning of a project, we provide one-on-one consultation services and customized design proposals, including laboratory basic planning and design, supporting facilities and protection measures for samples. Our biobank solutions also provide biosample information management, testing information management and research project information management services.

Our BIMS system also facilitates sample information management, test information management and scientific research projects.After the biobank is brought into operation, we will assist our end-users to formulate a sample collection strategy, develop rules on the operation and management of the laboratory and provide pre-work training for the staff.

Samples are usually stored in [-86 °C ULT freezers] or [-196 °C liquid nitrogen containers]. Our system can accurately record the exact location of biosample in the biobank, as well as the particulars of the laboratory tests and the source and clinical information of the samples. The system offers a wide range of services,including sample management, source management, project management, quality management and high-standard laboratory practice management. If the sample is selected for testing, the system also records the testing results and takes on further analysis.


BIMS® biological sample information management system

The BIMS® biosample information management system enables users to carry out effective and standardized biosample management. The system consists of 21 major modules and can be operated through PC,equipment and mobile device simultaneously, realizing multi-directional information interaction and real-time intelligent biosample storage service. Sample management has become more secured, accurate and convenient.We have also been committed to maintaining standardized and regulated management of biobanks. The system has been granted the third-party certification of FDA 21 CFR Part11 and [meets the GLP/GMP management requirements and HIPAA patient privacy protection requirements. All controlled words are derived from ICD-10 or SNOMED-CT for clinical diagnosis purpose].



Low-temperature storage equipment and consumable accessories

Our low-temperature storage devices offer low temperature environment from -196 °C to -60 °C, meeting the long-term storage needs of different biological materials such as viruses, bacteria, cells and tissue samples.Our devices are divided into two major series, namely the active model and the passive model. The active model products include ULT refrigeration equipment from -150 °C to -60 °C. The whole series have achieved the world’s first HC energy-saving upgrade and obtained the US Energy Star certification and energy-saving certification in China. We have also launched ULT storage devices for different application scenarios such as frequency conversion, dual systems and water cooling. Our passive model products include liquid nitrogen tanks and CO2 backup systems. The liquid nitrogen anti-splash function and one-button defogging function bring more convenience to users.


Biological safety equipment


Sample Storage